Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The Obama Administration has lost there mind when they hired Rosa Brooks a left-wing zealot political writer and Professor at Georgetown Law School who hated the War in Iraq and the Bush Administration. Rosa Brooks believes that President Bush and his Administration should be tried at the Geneva Convention as war criminals. Rosa Brooks belongs to several organizations the like National Security Network and Connect U.S. Funds that believe in the elimination of capitalism in America. Rosa Brooks will work for Undersecretary Of Defense for Policy Michele Flournoy is one of the most hateful left-wing columnist in the country who hates the Military and Conservatives. Rosa Brooks worked for the left-wing organizations controlled by George Soros who hates the basic foundation of America. Rosa Brooks work for another controversial nominee Harold Koh while, a member of the Clinton Administration who believes that America should support international law in the United States Court System. This left-wing zealot will be given security access to all our secret files with information on our Islamic enemies. Rosa has proved to be a zealot against the military and she, will probably share secrets with the her left-wing media friends if she does not like military policy in the Pentagon. I know that Secretary Of Defense Bob Gates has to pulling his hair out because he, has someone within his Defense Department who hated his policies in Iraq. Rosa Brooks supports President Obama strategy in Afghanistan because that is the only way she could get access to our secret files for her left-wing friends. The nomination of Rosa Brooks, Harold Koh and Timothy Geithner and several other nominees that President Obama has appointed high-level postions shows that this is a strong move toward a Socialist Government in America. Finally, the Obama Administration is filled with unsavory characters in our government who plan to "Change" our Government to a Europeans Style Socialist Government by any means necessary. Therefore, these clowns are "Hell Bent" on destroying America.

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