Thursday, April 16, 2009


The Left-Wing Media in America showed there true colors with there rhetoric and hatred of the Tax Day Tea Party's Protesters in America. The Left-Wing Media and Blogs attacked Americans for participating in these tax day protest. The main offenders of free speech by Americans is MSNBC who basically lead the charge against anyone who would dare complain about taxes, stimulus bill, government spending and bailout madness. The Host David Shuster, Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper were completely out of control calling members participating in these protests as "TEBAGGERS" which is a similar to terms used to attack Homosexuals. This is the type of rhetoric that the Left-Wing socialist media will use to protect there socialist movement in America. The Blogs like Huffington Post and Daily Kos were so, out of control that they also, used profane pictures and language to describe the Tax Day Tea Party's. The most shocking piece of journalism I have seen in a long time is when correspondent Susan Roesgen of CNN interviewed a protester in Chicago and she rudely, interrupted the man while he, was giving a answer to her question and she decided took a personal shot at the Fox News Network. This "Clown Ass Reporter" got on major news network CNN and repeated the Obama Administration talking points trying to discredit the Tea Party movement. This unprofessional conduct breaches the basic cannons of ethics of journalism. This type of child like behavior should not be permitted on a major news network. This woman should be in the Obama Administration with all the rest of the media members who have joined his team. I personally, think that CNN should fire Susan Roesgen as quick as possible for being a complete clown. This is the reason why MSNBC and CNN are far behind Fox News in the ratings battle because these two news networks have no respect for the Average Americans point of view. This is the final nail in the coffin for a large portion of the mainstream media. We all know that they are in the tank for the Obama Administration and it's socialist policies. The liberal socialist movement has been waiting almost 50 years to try and implement these socialist policies and they will destroy anyone who tries to get in the way of there movement. This battle against these socialist brownshirts is one we cannot lose or we will lose our great Republic to a bunch Fascist Thugs.

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