Tuesday, April 21, 2009


In President Obama fundamental core of his beliefs he actually hates America. This is why he, is constantly apologizing for past problems that America has with certain parts of the world. This is why the President could sit at a table and listen to President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua hateful Anti-American speech for fifty minutes because President Obama believes that there is some truth in what Ortega is saying about America past relations in Central America. The President giving a Hip-Hop handshake and a smile to President Hugo Chavez was the most disappointing part of the President trip to the Summit Of Americas Conference because only two weeks earlier Chavez called President Obama a "ignoramus". The President let Hugo Chavez use him as a public relations tool in Central America by letting all the dissidents in Venezuela know that Obama Administration is accepting him as legitimate world leader and not as a tin-pot dictator. The President also apologized in Europe at the G-20 Conference for all the so-called mistakes America has made in the past with the war on terror. President Obama is willing to apologize to everyone around the world so, he can be popular with the leadership of these countries that want to destroy America. The President maybe, popular with the general public around the world but leaders have no respect for him as President of The United States. President Nicolas Sarkozy Of France and Chancellor Angela Merkel Of Germany showed very little respect for President Obama when he asked for help in Afghanistan. The President Of France Sarkozy said that President Obama was naive when it came to foreign policy and he did not have a good answer for the financial crisis.The President talked about getting rid of nuclear weapons and the same day the North Koreans launched a ballistic missile over Japan. The President is so, naive or arrogant that he actually think that he can sit down and talk to the leaders of Iran. The President has decided to open up talks with Iran without any pre-conditions with Iran and the next day Iranian leadership sentenced a American journalist to eight years in jail for spying. This is a slap in the face to the Obama Administration new outreach program called "Hug A Thug Nation. President Obama believes that if you are nice to one of these Thug Nations they will come to the table and sign a peace treaty with America. Finally, I have not heard the President Obama stand up and talk about "America Greatness". The President while, in Europe never talked about how America liberated the continent of Europe from communism and fascism. The President never talked about freedom at the Summit Of Americas Conference which would have been a contrast between the United States and Cuba and the rest of the fascist countries at the conference. I am waiting for President Obama to stand up for America and not just stand up for his arrogant himself . President Obama has a "God Complex".

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