Monday, April 20, 2009


The Janeane Garofalo response to Tax Day Tea Party Protesters is what you will get from liberals when anyone criticise the "Messiah" President Obama that you are a raving "Conservative Racist". The level of discourse is childlike but, it is the only argument liberals can use to protect President Obama from his critics. The Obama Administration used this tactic extremley well during his campaign against Hillary Clinton and Sen. John McCain and it worked because there campaigns did not want to be called racist by the liberaal media. The "Racist" statement was used to smear all the average hard working Americans who protested in the Tax Day Tea Party's. This means that if anyone white or black protest against President Obama that you are ignorant, stupid and racist. Therefore, Janeane Garofalo stands in a long line of "Dumb Ass Celebrities" like Sean Penn and Danny Glover who we expect to make these Dumb Ass Statements. The problem I have is when the media accepts these statements as fact. This clown Janeane Garofalo is making this statement while, a so-called professional journalist Keith Olbermann is nodding his head and smiling at this outrageous statement. The media has no more standards and they have shown there true colors to the American people. The left-wing media has chosen to be part of the Obama Administration and they don't care what the average American thinks about this outrageous activity by the media. The left-wing media refuse to give the whole story because, Tea Party protesters were more angry at Republicans all across the nation for increasing spending during the Bush Administration. This did not fit the closed minded narrative of the left-wing media because it had to be because President Obama is a African-American and the Tax Day Tea Party protesters will not accept a African-American as President. Finally, this type of analysis you will get from Hollywood Celebrities, left-wing media and academia that Conservatives are racist because they have a fundamental disagreement in policy with President Obama. We have almost four years to put up with being called a racist and ingnorant. I am telling all Conservatives don't back down from these smears the fight has just begun and we will win in the end.

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