Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In a not so stunning reversal President Obama says that it is still possible that Bush Administration Officials will be tried for torture. The President told the American people only a week ago that he would no be looking back but forward when it came to fighting the war on terror. The President said that it will be up to Attorney General Holder to make the decision on whether to press charges against Bush Administration Officials. The Attorney General Holder back in 2002 said in front of a Congressional hearing said that the Geneva Convention rules did not apply to members of a terrorist group so, how can he prosecute Bush Officials for torture. The Obama Administration Chief Of Staff Rham Emanuel said Sunday that there would be no charges against Bush Administration Officials and Robert Gibbs Press Secretary for the Obama Administration also, said on Monday that there would be no charges against Bush Administration officials for torture. The President reversed his stance on prosecuting Bush Officials after Sen. Diane Feinstein, MSNBC, NBC NEWS and a petition by Move On.Org George Soros Organization made it clear that they wanted Bush Administration officials prosecuted. The President has made on of the biggest mistakes in the history of our country because he has now criminalized policy differences between administrations. This means the incoming Republican President can prosecute the Obama Administration for policy differences on the war on terror. President Obama has crossed the line and made this war on terror a political issue between Democrats and Republicans which could tear this country apart. Therefore, Vice President Dick Cheney has to come out of his bunker to protect the Bush Administration policy toward terrorist by saying that the information we received by using harsh interrogation tactics helped save American lives. There is a memo by Admiral Blair who was appointed by President Obama saying that these interrogations worked and helped saved American lives is the smoking gun against the Obama Administration.. Vice President Cheney told Hannity that he wanted all the memos released to the American public because he wanted the whole story told not just selective releases of information that will make the Bush Administration look bad in the eyes of the world. This controversy will spur a commission on torture and House and Senate hearings that will turn into a food fight between Democrats and Republicans. The President is suppose to unite the country not tear it apart because of a policy difference on fighting a war. Finally. it seems like President Obama is at war against the Bush Administration instead of being at war against the terrorist. This clown makes me sick.

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