Saturday, November 22, 2008


The truth has to be told that there will never be a woman President in our lifetime. The glass ceiling in America remains firmly in place and you can expect the next few Presidents to be men. The glass ceiling was touched by Sen. Clinton as she won 18 million votes and came up 200 delegates short of becoming the Democratic Presidential nominee. Sen. Clinton was mistreated by the mainstream media and mostly by men and with the help of the Obama Campaign who unfairly casted Sen. Clinton as traveling do-nothing First Lady. Gov. Palin never came close to breaking the glass ceiling because, the Obama campaign and the mainstream media attacked her, as soon as she was nominated for Vice President Of The United States. Gov. Palin was ridiculed by the mainstream media and called incompetent even though she was voted one of the most successful Governors in the United States. The only difference between Sen. Clinton and Gov. Palin is there different political views but, they were both scorned and ridiculed by the mainstream media because, they were women who wanted the most prestigious job in the world. The way Sen. Clinton and Gov. Palin were treated by the mainstream media as they talked openly on nightly talk shows about there clothing and how they raised there children because, they were seeking the highest office in he land. Therefore, in this historic campaign nobody asked President-elect Obama about how he, raised his kids or how much money he spent on his custom made suits he wore during the campaign. The mainstream media questioned Sen. Clinton and Gov. Palin Qualifications but, they both were more qualified than President-elect Obama but, he happened to be African-America and a man and that is more sexy to the mainstream media. The glass ceiling in politics has a long way to go before it is broken because you first have to start with the sexist in the mainstrea media. The nomination of Sen. Clinton as Secretary Of State will not help crack the glass ceiling window because, she will be the third woman to hold the position . This is not the proper launching pad to become, the next President Of the United States. Finally, in the next 25 years you will be hard pressed to find a woman that in politics today who will ascend to the presidency in our lifetime.

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