Thursday, November 20, 2008


This word "Change" seemed to be the centerpiece of President-Elect Obama campaign but, as soon a he was elected President it seems like he, is going back to the same old politicians who helped destroy America from it's greatness. The new Obama Administration seems to be filled with Clinton Administration appointees and now he, is even willing to bring in Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary Of State. This is the same crowd that brought us plenty of scandals during the second half of the Clinton Administration and a impeachment of President Clinton. President-Elect Obama just nominated Eric Holder as Attorney General Of The United States and he, was part of the Janet Reno Justice Department that was one of the worst Justice Department in American History. President-Elect Obama has to be kidding me with all these Clinton Administration appointments because, that does make a serious "Change" at all to the way the American political system is run in America. Obama picked Former Minority Leader Tom Daschle as Health And Human Services Secretary and he, is one of the biggest lobbyist in Washington today. The Liberal Media is saying that President-elect Obama is gathering a "Team Of Rivals" but, I see the same Washington Insiders that will pander to the lobbyist and create more problems for the American economy. I think that the future Obama Administration is not looking as good a the Liberal Media is portraying it to the American people. The Liberal Media has a lot of money and time invested in the Obama Administration and what ever he, says or does he will be applauded by the Liberal Media. Finally, I ask the American people were is the "Change" in the appointees of the Obama Administration. If you wanted all these former Clinton Administration appointees you should of elected Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as President or changed the Constitution and re-elected President William Jefferson Clinton for a third term as President Of The United States.President-Elect Obama talked about "Change" but, all you got is the same record and the same song.

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