Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This week "Bailout Madness" has hit a all-time high with Citigroup coming to the Federal Government table asking for a handout. In, just two months we have had some of the biggest banks and major corporations come to the American Taxpayers for a bailout because, of there imcompetnece. The major companies that have came to the American people are a who's who of some of best corporations that made America one of the greatest countries on earth. It is so, hard to believe that AIG ,Citigroup, Merill Lynch and the "Big Three" could be so, badly mismanaged by there corporate executives. The Government handout of Trillions of Dollars are being spent on saving the failing corporations and banks will come back and haunt the American people in the future because, you just cannot keep printing paper and giving out money like it is 1920's Germany and you know what happened in Germany they went into deep depression and Hitler rose to power. The money could have been better spent more wisely, by giving each working American $50,000 and that would have stimulated the economy better than giving these corporations over one Trillion dollars to fail again like the "Big Three". The American people just bailed out Citigroup and you know what they got for there bailout they received an hike in there credit card interest rate from 9% to 25% if you owe any money on your credit card. These major corporations have no shame to there game because, at Citigroup they did not fire one executive who was responsible for this business debacle that lost Billions of Dollars of sarholders money. The American people could have Stimulate the economy with the money the Government gave them and they also, could have paid off there morgates and there Credit Card Debt. Instead, the President, President-Elect and Congress were willing to give away our children's future to save a bunch of "Greedy Ass Businessmen" who can care less about the Average America. Finally, this is "Part One" of a series or writings about the Average American because, in all these bailout talks you never hear about us until they want to give out a free check. I am sorry I have to go to work to pay for these "BAILOUTS".

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