Monday, November 17, 2008


In Afghanistan a British aid worker was gunned down by the Taliban in Kabul because she, was a Christian. Gayle Williams was shot down by two members of the Taliban who were riding on a motorbike in the capital city of Kabul. Gayle Williams was shot down in popular part of the city where christian missionaries live while, helping the people of Afghanistan. The witnesses of the crime said that she was shot six times and fell in a pool of blood. The "Taliban Thugs" raced up to he on there motorbike and shot her at point blank range and raced off the crime scene. This is the first time a international aid worker was killed in Afghanistan since. 2001. The Taliban said that they carried out the murder of the aid worker because, they said that Ms. Williams was trying to convert people to Christianity. Ms. Williams was working for a Christan based organization called "Serve Afghanistan" and the staff working for the relief program insists that the are not trying to convert anyone to Christianity. Mike Lyth the Chairman of the London based organization said that Ms. Williams was working with disabled children, blind children and deaf children hurt and mamed by the fighting in Afghanistan. Finally, her fellow workers paid tribute to Gayle Williams by expressing theses words that Ms. Williams was "Selfless" person who spent her time and energy helping others in need.

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