Monday, November 10, 2008


The most incompetent company in America in the last 25 years wants a bailout from the Federal Government. General Motors is so poorly run why should the American taxpayer Bailout a Corporation who is laying off workers everyday and moving there plants overseas. I am tired of bailing out companies who's management is incompetent and they are also getting million dollar parachute bonus even when the company is losing Billions of dollars. I cannot believe that President-Elect Obama and the Democratic Congress is willing to dish Billions of dollars to these "Fatcats" who can't make a car that can compete with the Japanese and other forgein auto makers. I waiting for the Federal Government to bailout the average American who is saddled with credit card debt and student loan debt. The United States Congress will not bailout the average American because, they receive a large amount of contributions from the credit card companies who are basically, modern day loan sharks with interest rates at 20% and sometimes 30%. The Congress is wasting our money on another stimulus package that will go there friends who contributed to the Democratic National Committee. They will send the average American $600 dollars but, most of the stimulus package money will go down a black hole. Finally, is this the change we all can believe in when the American people elected President-Elect Obama and a Democratic Congress that we would waste billions of our precious dollars on corporations that could not run a child day care center without losing money..

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  1. I guess I'm not surprised with the calls for a Detroit bailout. The unions want their payback for being loyal to the Democrats. Even Paulson is thinking he has the authority to bailout the auto industry or others if he chooses to. The country should not have to pay when companies can't make it. They should go through bankruptcy or be bought up by a profitable company. Its not like the factories would sit empty, someone would run them.