Friday, November 7, 2008


President-Elect Obama should thank Secretary Rice, General Powell and Oprah Winfrey for becoming the first African-American President. These individuals gained the trust of Americans and they proved when on the highest stages in the world that they were the most competent people in America. The American people gained a since, of comfort with African-Americans in the highest positions in American society, because the average really, does not think about what color you are but, can you solve the "American Economic Crisis". Therefore, the average American does not see President-Elect Obama during his campaign as a angry "Black Man" they looked at him as the most competent person to do the job as President Of The United States. The American people admire people who do a excellent job and it does not depend on you race or color. This is a exciting time in America because, it seems like we have truly, turned a corner when it comes to race in America. I know that there is no society in the world where there will not be discrimination, but we have taken the high road over the last fifty-years to bridge the gaps that were created over Four Hundred years ago. Finally, I am not a supporter of President-Elect Obama but I am willing to give him a chance to solve some of America biggest problems and support him as President Of The United States.

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