Thursday, November 13, 2008


The Bailout Madness has gotten completely out of control because, now the Mayors of major Cities are asking the Federal Government for a bailout. They have asked President-Elect Obama for money to help there struggling cities. The Mayors and Governor's see that the Federal Government is giving out free money to "Failed Corporations" and now they are standing in line for there "Welfare Handout" from the Federal Government. The major cities in America need to clean out the cancer that has affected there cities with a bloated government jobs and bad management. Therefore, President Bush, Treasury Secretary Paulson and Congress has opened up the floodgates and now every special interest group in America is asking for a bailout. I just heard over the wire that the Federal Reserve has approved a request by American Express to become, a Bank Holding Company. This has turned into a "American Nightmare" where everybody is trying to get a piece of the Bailout pie. Therefore, could you imagine what "Average American" could do with a piece of the bailout pie. Hey, you will never know because, you are not part of the "Washington Special Interest Lobby" who is responsible for destroying the American Economy. Finally, If President Elect Obama is about change the first thing he, should do as President is cut off the Federal Government Cash Sweepstakes Pie.

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