Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pres. Obama Has 90% Chance Of Winning Ohio

Wayward Herring - The 2012 Presidential election hinges on the state of Ohio and President Obama has huge advantage when it comes to the demographics of the state. The Obama campaign has been investing a lot of resources in Ohio since, his election in 2008 and his campaign arm "Organizing For America" has canvessed the whole state of Ohio for every possible Democratic vote over the last four years. Therefore, the biggest problem Gov. Romney has is that he, will not get any minority votes from the African-American community which was very important in the reelection of President G.W. Bush who received 18% of the vote and he only won Ohio by 118,000 votes. Gov. Romney also, has a problem with the Hispanic community which he might lose by 40% of the vote in Ohio and the Hispanic vote in the fast growing voting population in America. Gov. Romney has a large hill to climb to win Ohio because, he must win the white working class vote by by 20% to even come close to winning the state of Ohio. Finally, The ball is President Obama Court if he, gets his core voters out to vote African-Americans and Hispanics there is no way Gov. Romney can win Ohio. The Romney campaign better have a backdoor strategy to get the 270 electoral college votes to win the election or it will be a short night on Nov. 6. Prediction Obama 52%-Romney 48% in Ohio

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  1. I find your use of commas intriguing.