Sunday, November 4, 2012

Obama And Democrats Playbook: Lying And Stealing Ohio

Tim Dunkin - If desperation had a smell, the air around the Democratic National Headquarters must be unbreathable.  The sense of impending doom emanating from the Left is palpable, despite all their attempts at bravado and putting up a confident front.  The polls from the professional polling houses continue to show Romney catching up with and even passing the President all across his electoral firewall – Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Virginia, New Hampshire, the list goes on.  When the Democrats have to spend money in states like Michigan and Pennsylvania – long thought to be safe for the President – you know they have good reason to panic.
Gallup polling shows Romney leading among early voters 52%-45%, and this despite the efforts of the President’s re-election team to turn out the vote and try to dominate the early voting scene, as he did in 2008.  Even then, reports suggest that while Romney’s campaign is turning out mostly low-propensity voters – folks who rarely vote, but are being asked to now and are doing so – leaving Romney with a large pool of regular voters for election day, Obama’s team has been cannibalizing their high-propensity voters to try to pump up his early voting numbers, leaving him with fewer reliable voters left on Nov. 6.  In suddenly swing state Pennsylvania, Romney is routing Obama in absentee ballot returns (which favored Obama in 2008).  Even Denver’s mayor – a reliable Democrat and surrogate for Obama on the campaign trail – is essentially telling crowds that they’re losing Wisconsin, another state that Obama won by double digits in 2008.
The Left knows they are in trouble.  This is why they seem so frenetic and desperate lately.  It’s not just the Obama campaign, either, though with the Romney-in-a-dunce-cap ad, and the repetitious “Romnesia” joke, and the desperate appeals to women voters to “vote like your lady parts depend on it” (as if women only care about access to free contraception and don’t bother their pretty little heads about complicated stuff like the jobs or foreign policy, that’s all stuff for men, according to the unspoken premise of the Obama campaign ‘s effort), Obama and his crew seem to be flailing every which way they can to try to grab hold of something solid.  Rank-and-file lefties are gravely concerned, as well. 
Even in Blue California, Obamatons have been vandalizing cars belonging to Romney supporters.  Barbra Streisand is sending out shrill, panic-stricken fundraising letters imploring Democrats to stop the Republican wave from crushing them – matching the administration’s own missives that are reportedly growing more desperate.  In Oregon, the AFL-CIO is sending out vaguely threatening mailers to voters, telling them that they “know your voting history” – it’d be a shame if sumthin’ was to happen to you because of it, you know?  Of course, this is understandable, since that latest two polls out of Oregon that I have seen show Obama leading Romney by only 5% and 2% - this in a state that Obama won by almost 16.5% in 2008.  All in all, the Democrats have a lot of things to be worried about.
Unfortunately, a cornered rat is the most dangerous kind of all.
The more desperate the Democrats are, the more rabid they will be about doing all the things that they have traditionally done to try to pull out tight elections, by crook and by crook.  In short, expect a LOT of fraud to take place in Tuesday’s election – nearly all of it perpetrated by the Democrat Party or their “non-partisan” surrogate groups.
For instance, how does one explain the fact that so many voting  machines in swing states are malfunctioning, in exactly the same way, so as to give votes for Romney to Obama?  Why does it seem like this never runs in the opposite direction, a voter having to punch the same key on the touch screen three or four times before their vote for Obama is accurately recorded? 
What about the old standby for Democrats – having people vote in the name of a dead person, or otherwise casting a ballot under an identity not one’s own?  That seems to be alive and well, too.  In North Carolina, 2,660 absentee ballots have been sent to voters over the age of 110 years old, most of them Democrats.  Astounding, you say?  Even more so, once we consider the fact that the number of people in the USA who are 110 or older right now should calculate to around 70 people, across the entire country.  Either North Carolina has discovered a magical formula for long life, or else there are fake votes being cast by dead Democrats.
Then, of course, you have the vote fraud being perpetrated by the still living, such as illegal Somalis being trucked in to Ohio polling places to vote for Obama.  Then, there’s just the more bargain-basement illegal use of government vehicles to bring voters to the polls by Democrat activists (it’s illegal because it can be seen as pressuring voters to vote a certain way).  And of course, yet another Democrat operative – this time the son of a Democrat congressman, the field director for his father’s campaign – was caught on tape giving tips on how to fake utility bills so as to commit vote fraud.  This comes on the heels of another Democrat operative who was captured on video giving advice as to defrauding the vote.  And let’s not forget the elegantly simple method of simply intimidating people into voting your way, as we have seen the AFL-CIO trying to do in Oregon above.
Buttressing these efforts are the attempts by the mainstream media to run polls that are heavily and unrealistically weighted toward Democrats in their turnout models (a topic which I covered in detail here), thereby giving the appearance of greater support for the President than he really has.  Once again, it must be reasonably understood that in a poll where Romney is winning independents by double digits, has virtually no gender gap (which is overrated anywise), and is showing significantly higher voter enthusiasm than his opponent, he cannot be losing.  These polls are faked – designed to dispirit Republican and conservative voters, motivate Democrats and lefties to get out to the polls, or some combination of the two.
These polls also serve another purpose – which is to support the meme-in-waiting among those on the Left that Romney “stole” the election.  This explains the recent short film by Michael Moore (not providing him with a link due to profanity, you’ll have to Google it) in which he rustles up some elderly voters and has them urge viewers to “not let Romney oust Obama” by stealing the election.  In other words, despite all of the voting machine errors that just so happen to benefit Obama, all the instances of illegal immigrants being trucked around the country to vote in Democrat precincts, how some Democrat-heavy areas seem to have more votes cast than they have voters year after year, all the videos of Democrat operatives explaining to voters how to vote multiple times – despite all of this, it’s really the Republicans that you have to worry about stealing the election?  Classic case of psychological projection there, Mike. 
Is it really just stupidity that impels him to make this argument?  Or is it that he and other lefties plan on swinging into action on Nov. 7 to try to overturn the results, should Romney win anything other than a decisive, overwhelming, Reaganesque landslide victory?  In short, are Moore and the rest of the far Left planning on using the very fact of a Romney victory as evidence for “Republican vote fraud” and “Romney stole the election”? 
Something to watch out for.  Be ready.  We have to win this thing, and do so beyond the margin of Democrat fraud

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