Thursday, December 3, 2009

White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers Should Be Fired

The Congressional Homeland Security Committee will be holding hearings on the Party Crashers at the White House today in Washington D.C.. Homeland Security Chairman (D-Mississippi) Bennie Thompson will be holding hearings that will include the Secret Service, but someone will be obviously absent today from the hearings White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers friend of notorious Chicago Slumlord Valarie Jarret. Desiree Rogers should be the third person in the line of fire behind the Secret Service and Salahis at the Homeland Security Committee hearings because, she did not deploy her staff to protect President Obama from these nutcases the Salahis. Mrs. Rogers role in the White House seems to be promoting the Obama brand. I did not know the President Family was something to be sold on the open market like some hip-hop rapper. The 50 year old Rogers came to Washington with great fanfare, no small amount of it to her own making. She quickly turned the White House into Desiree House. If President Obama dumps Desiree Rogers I don't think it will go over well with Michelle Obama and Valarie Jarret who are close friends with Desiree Rogers. The White House refused a request for Desiree Rogers to testify before the Congressional hearing because they are invoking "Separations Of Powers" to protect Mrs. Rogers form testifying. The President will not throw one of his Ivy League elitist friends under the bus to gain some political points with the Washington social elite because this is the Chicago Way. Therefore, the White House has announced new policies to prevent another party crashers incident at the White House. The same policies that the Bush Administration had that Desiree Rogers and her cronies from Chicago threw away in the trash when they came to Washington. Finally, President Obama should fire Desiree Rogers because someone could have been attacked during the dinner. There should have been someone at the door to checking everyone invitation to the White House dinner. Mrs. Rogers failed the basic standard procedures for a White House dinner so, she should be fired right after the Congressional hearings.


  1. Another Chicago cronie in the White House.

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