Friday, December 4, 2009

Al Gore $100 Million Dollar Global Warming Fraud

If you are a Global Warming skeptic than you should be extremely happy about the so-called e-mail hacking controversy over Global Warming. Former Vice President Al Gore has gotten extremely rich promoting and selling this Global Warming hoax to the world. The evidence is coming in and Al Gore is ripping off people in the tune of millions with his global warming hysteria. In only eight years after leaving the Clinton Administration Al Gore is estimated to be worth a 100 million dollars. While, as a Conservative I would ordinary applaud such financial gains in such a short period of time, but I can't help but to question how it happened. When you look at what Al Gore has done, it's evident that he has figured out a way to capitalize on the big Green movement while becoming the official doomsday prophet that has helped to build Big Green into a monetary powerhouse that it has become. Apparently along with some Goldman Sachs executives, Gore created Generation Investment Management, a money management firm that invest in business that place a large priority on "Environmental and Sustainability", the includes trading carbon credits (of which Gore has already proven to be hypocritical on that issue). Gore also, got cash coming in from the World Resource Institute where he serves on the board of Directors. This organization is a environmental think tank worth over $55 million dollars and has donors list that includes Generation Investment Management, Google, and United Nations. Interestingly, aside from the $10 million that went into salaries and benefits (plus another million in travel), I can't figure out how they spent their money. According to there 990 form, they spent a whole lot of time developing strategies and pollution programs, ecosystem and people program etc. But they do have nearly $40 million dollars in investments, which include $18 million dollars in LLC partnerships (which means they have $18 million dollars invested in private companies) which they do not disclose. Personally, I am dying to know what the $40 million dollars is invested in, but they do not disclose the details nor do they have any SEC filings (Which means they hide there tracks). Finally, there is Al Gore's pet project, the Alliance For Climate Protection, which has the least amount of transparency of any organization I have ever seen. They do not provide any information on there website regarding the donors or finances. I do know this much, Al Gore is the Chairman of the organization, he also donates to these guys and gets to deduct the donations from his taxes. So when he donated the Nobel Peace Prize, he was actually not only a tax write off, but the money went right back into his own organization. The question left is when will the public accept that Al Gore is nothing but a fraud.

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  1. Great information on the biggest hoax World history. Al Gore should be proscuted for this hoax.