Wednesday, December 2, 2009

War Protesters against 30,000 Troop Escalation in Afghanistan, Will The Left-Wing Media Cover The Protests

The majority of Anti-War groups in America stop protesting when President Obama was elected hoping that a new administration would "Change" America foreign policy towards Iraq and Afghanistan. Therefore, when President Obama made it official his administration commitment to 30,000 troop escalation in Afghanistan in a nationally televised speech at West Point, to be deployed within six months, will bring troop levels above 100,000. There are many independent left-wing groups Bozeman Peace Seekers who plan to protest the escalation in Afghanistan, which Obama said was necessary to temper the violence in the country that was invaded by America eight years ago. Margairtia McLarity, an organizer of the demonstration, Obama's announcement shows that the new President is building upon the policies of his predecessor. We stopped protesting a year ago in Hopes that Obama would make significant changes in our nations military adventures in the Middle East, "McLarity said. "It is so sad that the hopes we had for "Change" in the administration have been whittled away and now we have a escalation. However, Groups like Code Pink are against the war in Afghanistan but they have been extremely quiet because, there left-wing foundations have told the organization to tamp down the rhetoric because a Democrat was elected President. I am waiting for a member of Code Pink to walk up to Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton with blood on her hands. You know that will never happen because the left-wing elites will cut off the funding to Code Pink. The left-wing media and elites use organizations like Code Pink to attack Republican Presidents during a time of war. Cindy Sheehan and her supporters said that they are against the troop surge, as well as using drones: unmanned war planes that drop bombs. He is going to escalate troops in Afghanistan by fifty percent. It is a substantial escalation and of course, many people in the peace movement for a complete total withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. The left-wing media has no use for Cindy Sheehan because, President Bush is not in office. Finally, let's see how much attention anti-war protesters get when President Obama is sending troops 30,000 to Afghanistan. When President Bush sent more troops to Iraq the left-wing media gave Cindy Sheehan 24 hour coverage when she protested outside President Bush Crawford, Texas Ranch home. The left-wing media has not covered any left-wing protests since, President Obama took office. There are Democrats who did not support the surge in Iraq but, they are supporting the surge in Afghanistan. The Democrats are a bunch of Jokers with no backbone. They will support the "Messiah" against the own moral and social values.


  1. The left-wing media will protect President Obama because they know what happened to President Johnson when the Vietnam War turned into a meat grinder

  2. During the Bush years we saw the war protestors on the news media daily. There were protestors in every town with their signs asking for honks of agreement. Yet, now with the mesmerizing, majestic one as President, where are they? Is the increase in troops to Afghanistan OK with them now that a Democrat hold the office of President?

    Now that the president has finally announced his plan for Afghanistan, is he going to let the troops fight the war to win or is this going to be Barrack Obama's Viet Nam? Are You going to give them the supplies and support they need to win? Are you going to force them to give Miranda right to prisoners?

    The terrorist have no problem cutting the heads off American civilians and videotaping it to prove their resolve or dragging American bodies through the street, burning and hanging them from bridges. Yet, when our brave Navy Seals capture the person who gave the order to carry out the above deeds they are being court marshaled for allegedly giving him a fat lip.

    I agree with many who think this war has drug on for far too long. The primary reason is political correctness. Trying not to kill any civilians while still trying to fight a war. A near impossibility, especially when the enemy embeds themselves within the civilian population. Personally, I wish we had used the same mind set at President Truman when he ordered the dropping of the atomic bomb. Yes many were killed but more would have been killed had the war kept dragging on. We should have gone in and made a parking lot out of the whole country and left with words something to the effect: The United States will be your best friend and ally or your worst enemy. There would have been less troop casualties and less cost even if we'd had gone back in to help rebuild. Walk softly and carry a big stick.