Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sex, Politics and Idiots In The City

The performance by Adam Lambert at the American Music Awards showed every American how morality has drastically declined in America. This Joker jumped like a court jester. He rolled over. Adam shoved another man face in his crotch. Adam hands were all over the crotch of one of his female dancers. Leather, Whips and S&M was part of his disgraceful performance. This is what we call entertainment today in America. The only thing that Adam Lambert did not have onstage is animal or vegetable to compliment his outrageous performance. The American people had to watch two men kissing onstage with there young children, try explaining that incident at 10:30 p.m. to your children. Therefore, if Adam would have bought a animal onstage to perform a simulated perverse sexual act he, probably would have received support from left-wing loons in Hollywood would excuse his behavior because he, is advancing the cause of Gays in America. This is part of a overall strategy by the left-wing in America to turn America into a secular progressive nation where anything goes and no one passes judgement on your outrageous behavior. However, this behavior which was shown by Adam Lambert is protected by the new "Hate Crimes Bill" which gives homosexuals special protection under federal law. The bill signed by President Obama gives Vulgar individuals like Adam Lambert the arrogance to whatever they want and claim that anyone who disagree with there artistic viewpoint or disgusting music performances as a homosexual hater. This statement given by Adam Lambert was that he, wanted to give the middle finger to the Average American who believes in family values. This Clown performed Soft Core Pornography onstage and ABC did not set down any rules and regulations after the Janet Jackson incident at the Super Bowl. Finally, Adam Lambert has no class ABC and AMA should apologize for his disgusting performance but, I know that will never happen. The corporate executives at ABC, CBS and NBC support the homosexual agenda and they will never make any member of this new minority community apologize for there perverse actions. I would not be surprised to see Adam Lambert at a White House dinner with President Obama who supports the homosexual agenda with the passage of new laws. All I have to say is that "Jesus Needs To Take The Wheel" because America is turning into a modern day Sodom And Gomorrah.

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