Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thankgiving America "This Might Be Our Last"

Be Thankful for having the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends this weekend. We must be thankful for the American solider who gives us the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving in peace with our families even though America is fighting two wars. However, "This Might Be Our Last" Thanksgiving you and family will have a chance to celebrate with your own turkey if it is up President Obama and his merry minions. America is under attack by a bunch of socialist left-wing loons who believe that the average hard working American should give more of there taxpayer dollars to the federal government. The federal government is trying to mandate every American buy health care under Obamacare, which is not expressed in any part of the constitution. The federal government will penalize any American who refuses to buy health care with the threat of jail time. The Federal government is so, far out of control with government mandated programs like Social Security Medicaid and Medicare with trillions of dollars of IOU'S that will never be paid for in the future. The federal government is 12 trillion dollars in debt and President Obama and Congress are going on a national spending spree with the taxpayers credit card. Therefore, when you celebrate Thanksgiving weekend talk to your family about the ridiculous health care bill that Congress trying to pass without the majority support from the American people. This is a battle for our freedom because if President Obama signs a health care bill the left-wing loons will be in control of every aspect of our lives through government controlled panels in Washington D.C. Remember, the speech that President Ronald Reagan gave before he became President he said, "Socialism would come to America through government run health care. The average freedom loving American should spend as much time as possible trying to fight against health care or our Great Republic will die on the vines of history.

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