Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Congresssional Black Caucus Holding Finanical Reform Up For "Ransom"

The Congressional Black Caucus has joined a growing number of members of Congress who are holding White House Legislation up for "Ransom" to get there much needed votes to pass Financial Reform on Wall Street. There are members of the CBC who are frustrated with the pace of the economic recovery. The CBC is leading the way with criticism and anger at the Obama Administration because, of lack resources spent in the African-American community. The CBC is extremely angry because, the African-American Community has the highest unemployment rate at 15.2% but, real unemployment rate which is about 22%. The CBC wants more money from the 787 billion dollar stimulus plan, mortgage assistance for low income housing, job training and longer unemployment benefits. This financial reform bill faces strong opposition to enact sweeping changes to financial system while trying to create jobs in America. President Obama loyal allies in the Congressional Black Caucus, are mystified by the Obama administration handling of the economy. The CBC had no choice but, to block President Obama top priorities, using a a seldom used legislative maneuver to postpone the approval of financial reform legislation by a key committee. The recession has created a unique systematic risk that threatens all parts of the African-American community, including the poor and middle class,"said Rep. Maxine Waters (D-California), a subcommittee chair, in a statement after shutting down the vote. "I have always been committed to addressing the risk and will continue to do so. The critical issue is my constituents. The CBC has seen Sen. Landrieu (D-Louisiana) hold health care bill hostage and receive 300 million dollars for her vote so, the CBC has decided to join the party and get a piece of the Money Grab for the African-American community. Finally, when the Obama Administration and Majority Leader Harry Reid made a tremendous mistake when they decided to bribe Sen. Landrieu for her vote for health care because, they opened up a Pandora's Box, all Congressmen and Senators will now hold out for more money when they know President Obama is trying to pass crucial legislation in Congress. How long will it take before the African-American community finds out that President Obama is a incompetent socialist elitist liberal who could careless about African-Americans living in inner-city America. WELCOME TO OBAMAMERICA

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  1. White House is becoming a ATM Money Machine for Senators and Congressmen. This is a shame that bribing a Senator is not against the law in Congress.