Friday, November 13, 2009

Prison Time For Not Buying Obamacare, Illegal Aliens Go Free

This is suppose to be a free country so, why is it fair to send Americans to prison for not purchasing federally mandated health care insurance. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her band of merry minions believe that Americans who do not purchase health care is a national security risk to our nation. Therefore, we need the send out the "Obamacare Police" to arrest Americans who only wish is to opt out of the government run health care system which is there constitutional right as a American. Speaker Pelosi and her left-wing loon friends will not arrest illegal aliens or to be politically correct undocumented workers but, they will arrest law abiding Americans for choosing not to purchase health care. Therefore, this is how socialism starts and Ronald Reagan explained it clearly in a speech when he, said that socialism will come to America through government run health care system. These left-wing jokers will control almost twenty percent of the American economy and they will be able to dictate certain aspects off your life through government run Health care. The Obama Administration will have control of the banks, automotive industry and health care industry these actions are similar to the socialist takeover of Venezuela by Hugo Chavez. Finally, socialist always use the handcuffs and prison time if you don't follow the "Little Red Book" with a smile and handshake. If you don't abide by the socialist credile or ideology by the state you will treated like so, many freedom fighters in Cuba, Venezuela and China with a pair of handcuffs and told you are not a patriot because you refuse to "Spread The Wealth" to fellow citizens . Welcome To ObamAmerica

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  1. This health care plan is pure socialism and Americans should reject Obamacare.