Monday, November 16, 2009

Obama Embarrassing America "Bowing, Groveling And Smiling"

The Bow Controversy will not stop across America. President Obama continues this bad habit of bowing before other world leaders. First, the Saudi King now Emperor of Japan. The bow that President Obama displayed in front of the Japanese Emperor is considered inappropriate under Japanese customs and norms. The Bow to the Saudi King and Japanese Emperor is considered a sign of service or weakness. The President is embarrassing America by bowing to other world leaders because, all the leaders of the "Axis Of Evil" are watching President Obama and they see man who does not have a backbone when it comes to defending Democracy. President Obama wants to be loved by the world so, much that he, is willing to destroy America prestige of being the world greatest power. The Founding Fathers fought Revolutionary War against a "King" so, we would never have to be forced to bow for another human being against or own will. This President is bowing with a handshake and wicked notorious smile on his face. This President licking boots have you wishing everyday that President Bush or President Reagan were in office because you would not see this type of embarrassing protocol being showed across the world. I remember when President Obama went to England Queen Michelle Obama had a serious problem bowing before the Queen Of England because she was white. This is what happens when you elect a socialist as President you will always have to apologize to the world for policies that were made in the past to protect American citizens from our enemies. When the rest of the world starts apologizing for there indiscretions then it will be alright for America to apologize for protecting the world against communism, socialism and dictatorships "By Any Means Necessary". Stop The Apology Tour. Welcome To ObamAmerica.

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  1. This joker needs thrown out of office