Thursday, November 12, 2009

Obama 'Dither" On Troop Levels In Afghanistan And Votes Present

The U.S. Ambassador Karl Eikenberry in Afghanistan who is a influential adviser to President Obama has questioned the wisdom of sending any troops to Afghanistan because the Afghan political situation is unstable. Ambassador Eikenberry and Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton has serious concerns about Afghanistan corruption, poor governance and absence of rule of law within the country. President Obama does not plan to accept any of Afghanistan war options presented by his National Security Team, pushing instead for revisions to clarify how and when U.S. Troops can would turn over responsibility to the Afghan Government, A senior government official said Wednesday. The New York Times and MSNBC actually knows President Obama decision before he, has his next National Security Meeting. The President is not convinced yet that you can do a lasting counterinsurgency if there is no one to hand it off to". Therefore, I can only assume that President Obama is leaning toward a benchmark system that by which reducing corruption in the Afghan government and training the Afghan army will determine how many troops are deployed. The President is making a big mistake if he, uses this strategy because, this a "Black and White" decision that has to be made with conviction. President Obama should give Gen. McChrystal the 40,000 troops to help bring stability to Afghanistan or bring all the troops home within a year. The President is starting to sound like General Obama and making political decision on how it will effect his popularity in the left-wing of the Democratic Party. President Obama told every American that Afghanistan was a "War Of Necessity" but with the pressure from the left-wing of the Democratic Party it has become, a obstacle in the way of bringing Socialism to America. It is only a matter of time before Obama humiliates United States Military and waves the "White Flag" in Afghanistan. Welcome To ObamAmerica.

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  1. Why would any country spend money on spying in the United States. Therefore,all they would have to do is read the New York Times or watch MSNBC and they will know all our military secrets before they are announced.