Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Obamacare and Abortion On Demand

The millions of Americans on the Right and Left who are complaining about Rep. Bart Stupak of Michigan Amendment to the health care legislation which would ban the funding of abortions in the "Public Option" and would prevent private plans from paying for abortions if they accept lower income members who get government subsidies to help pay for there premiums. I am against abortion, I also, think that Roe vs. Wade is a bad law because it does not consider the unborn child when establishing the new law. I don't believe that there is anything in the Constitution that says, that you have a right to a abortion. The American people Democrats and Republicans don't want there tax dollars going to fund abortions. This is simply a moral question among Americans that we should not be in the business of supporting the killing of human beings in there infancy. Finally, the real problem of course, is that the fight reveals the ugly truth about Obamacare. the personal medical decisions are no longer a private matter bargaining, but a political argument. The fight over abortion funding is not a exception, it is a look into the future when it comes to Obamcare. Medical decision are becoming more complex because of new technology and there will be a clash with religious and ethical teachings. Therefore, do you really want a bureaucrat in Washington telling your doctor when you can be refused treatment because, it is time for you to die. Yes that means "Death Panels". The bureaucrats will be making decisions you can get treatment for addiction, obesity, depression and cosmetic surgery. I would rather have my employer dangle with these issues in my new contract rather than have a left-wing nut Congressman from San Fransisco deciding on my health care eligibility for certain treatments.

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  1. Abortion could destroy the health care plan if pro-choice Dems don't agree to take it out of Obamacare.