Monday, November 9, 2009

Obama Calls Dissenters "Teabag, Anti-Government People, Extremists

The President Of the United States usually stands above nasty political name calling, but President Obama has joined the left-wing loons by calling the majority of Americans Teabag, Anti-Government people, extremist who disagree with Obamacare. The majority of Presidents were careful not to demean the office and they understood that they were President of all the people. The President gave these so-called words of wisdom during his pep talk with the Democrats on Saturday morning according to President Obama favorite State-Run Media Newspaper New York Times: According to Rep. Earl Blumenaur of Oregon, who supports the Health Care Bill, the President asked the Democratic Caucus: "Does anyone think that Teabag Anti-Government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is "Confuse and Dispirit "Democratic Voters and it will encourage the extremist. The President Of The United States sound like a liberal blogger on the Daily Kos, Huffingtonpost and MSNBC calling patriotic Americans disrespectful slurs that demean the office of the Presidency. Therefore, with all the left-wing hate mongers calling President Bush, Hitler you never heard President Bush call his dissenters "Teabaggers" or any type of name that would be disrespectful to the office. This President has declared war on a group of Americans because, they are protesting a unconstitutional heath care bill that the majority of Americans disagree with in every respectable poll. This is "Tyranny" at it's highest order and it must be confronted by the American people or we will lose our republic. Finally, this health care bill is a job killer and it will destroy small business in America with higher taxes and fees. Welcome to the world ObamAmerica

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  1. Obama hates Conservatives In america