Sunday, November 29, 2009

Obama "No Subsatnce Behind The Man"

The millions of Americans who joined the "President Obama Red Revolution" are disappointed with his performance as President. The media, Hollywood and liberal intelligentsia put all their hopes and dreams in President Obama and they are finding that there is "No Substance Behind The Man". The liberal media tried to portray President Obama as the next John F. Kennedy because of his charisma and extraordinary oratory skills when giving a speech to the American people. The Obama supporters listened to his rhetoric on global warming, War In Afghanistan, health care and Cap And Trade but his speeches have not been able to sway public opinion towards his agenda . The moderates who cast there votes in the Presidential election for Obama are finding out that he, is not a great leader but, a left-wing ideologue who wants pass a liberal agenda that is against most American values. Therefore, since President Obama poll numbers are dropping and his agenda is showing a large disapproval from the American people the liberal elites are starting to rethink there vote for President Obama. The Obama Administration has shown no concern over their political missteps. The Obama Administration is not on the verge of changing there socialist agenda or political philosophy. President Obama is presiding over a unsuccessful first year as President and there is no concern about losing his job in 2012. Finally, President Obama is a very intelligent man but he, always seemed to be a man who probably could can take a test well but has zero imagination. President Obama always speak in vague words in order to always have a way out a difficult situation. The President will speak ambiguously on Tuesday on Afghanistan to have a way out if the war turns into a meat grinder. President Obama is a prisoner of liberal socialist theology that was taught to him ever since he was a teenager in Hawaii. President Obama has been regurgitating liberal socialist philosophies from the 1960's and there is no ideas new coming out of his administration that will help America next generation compete in the world economy. There is "No Substance Behind The Man". Welcome To ObamAmerica.


  1. Thank You, for telling the truth. I wish I never voted for President Obama. Obama is a fraud.

  2. Thank You for telling the truth about President Obama. I am a Democract and wish I never voted for him in the 2008 election. President Obama is a fruad.