Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Conservatives "Unite Or Die"

The Republican Party and Conservatives must unite under one umbrella with a common agenda that will defeat the Obama Machine. The RHINO Republicans and Conservatives disagree on some important social issues but, we agree on one thing that Obama is transforming our nation into a Socialist Democracy. Therefore, as a united front with a common agenda that has lower taxes, less regulation and gun rights should be the center piece of our agenda. There is no way in hell we can win back the Congress with just Conservative Republicans we will have to support some RHINO'S from Blue States like New York and New Jersey. The biggest problem with NY23 that Dede Scozzafava took 5% of the vote away from Hoffman but she, also endorsed the liberal Democrat Bill Owens who had the support of the powerful SEIU union in New York State. We as Conservatives and RHINO Republicans can't afford to make another mistake like in NY23. Scozzafava should not have been the candidate in NY23 the RNC should have vetted Scozzafava before endorsing her as the Republican candidate. The great thing about Republican Revolution in 1994 with the "Contract For America" is that Newt Gingrich established 10 principals that all Conservatives and RHINO Republicans could agree on without starting "Civil War" within the Republican party. The Conservatives and RHINO'S must sit down and discuss theses issues behind close doors because, our enemy President Obama capitalized on our division within the party last night by adding on more liberal Democrat to the Congress. Therefore, if the Conservatives and RHINO Republicans keep fighting this Civil War this maybe, the open door that is needed for the Democrats to retain the Congress in 2010 and White House 2012. Finally, if we unite under one banner we will crush the Democratic Party and retake the Congress in 2010.

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  1. We can win in 2010 if we present America with a Conservative Agenda that will create jobs in America.