Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gov. John Corzine And ACORN Thugs

The corrupt socialist community organization ACORN is heavily involved in the Gov. John Corzine but there are somehow maintaining a low profile by working only in the African-American and Hispanic community trying to get the vote out. Gov. Corzine and his minions don't want a close victory tainted by it's association with ACORN. The State Of New Jersey is well known for there absentee vote fraud will play a significant role on who will win this close election. There are well known ACORN affiliated groups that have moved into New Jersey to help the Corzine campaign. The Democrats are pressuring local Democratic County Clerks to downplay for checking for signatures on absentee ballots. This means groups like ACORN can stuff votes via absentee ballot. The State of New Jersey received a request of almost 200,000 absentee ballots. On some of the ballots the signatures don't match but Democratic Party Lawyers asked the New Jersey Secretary Of State not to deny ballots based on signatures alone. The Democratic Party Lawyer "Yet citing concerns that voters would be disenfranchised". Gov. Corzine signed a law in June "Vote By Mail" that some may believe much tougher to detect voter fraud in New Jersey. This Controversial law allows residents of New Jersey to opt out and receive mail-in ballots for all state elections. This eliminates the need to show up at your local polling station and show indenification before voting. Finally, by passing this ridiculous law Gov. Corzine has created more opportunities for voter fraud in New Jersey. Corzine would not have signed the law if he, did not think it would benefit him in a close election.

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  1. Chris Christie is in some serious trouble in New Jersey with this type of fraud going on in that state.