Thursday, November 5, 2009

AARP "Sellouts And Scoundrels"

The AARP in a announcement today has decided to endorse the House Bill which will cost Americans over 1 trillion dollars. This ridiculous 1,900 page House Bill will cut 500 billion dollars Medicaid and Medicare for seniors in the next 10 years. The AARP has said on many occasions that they don't endorse legislation or candidates but, they are going to endorse a bill that the majority of seniors are against in there own organization. The majority of seniors surveyed in polls from Gallup to Rasmussen have spoken loudly, that seniors are against government run health care, because they believe that it would adversely affect there health care. These clown over at the AARP will argue to there own members that supporting the public option will not increase the deficit, but it will make health care affordable for all Americans. The liberal media will not talk about the revolt within the AARP by it's members, because of there organization open support for left-wing causes the don't benefit seniors. The AARP does not care about the seniors in the organization because they are willing to lose millions of members to keep there left wing alliances. Finally, this could be the Biggest Sellout of Seniors in the history of our great Republic. Welcome to Obamacare. The Death Panels Are Coming Soon.

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  1. Thank You, for telling the truth about the AARP.