Monday, November 23, 2009

"Money Grab Bag" Sen. Landrieu, Nelson, Lincoln, Byah and Snowe Will Vote For Obamacare

The Conservatives can put all the pressure they want on Moderate Democrats Blanche Lincoln (D-Arkansas), Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) and Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana) but they will all eventually in the end vote for some version of Obamacare. The President and Congress has the power of the the taxpayers pocketbook and they will bride all five of these Senators into voting for a water down version of Health Care. We have already seen Sen. Harry Reid give Sen. Landrieu and the State of Louisiana 100 million dollars for disaster relief and 200 million Medicaid for Sen. Landrieu vote for Obamacare. It almost seems like we are re-purchasing Louisiana from France again to get Obamacare passed through Congress. Damn, I thought that Louisiana was part of the United States. This health care debacle will turn into a "Grab Bag" for these important senators. Sen. Blanche Lincoln will be next in line because, the longer you hold out the more money your state and friends will receive from the federal government. The grab bag list will also, include Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) and Evan Byah (D-Indiana) will probably be the last two Senators to get the "Christmas Goodies" from the taxpayers. My favorite Republican "Sellout" in the Senate is Olympia Snowe (R- Maine) this joker will say all the right things but in the end she will vote for Obamacare. Sen. Snowe had another meeting with the "Messiah" on Air Force One and he promised her the sun and moon. Sen. Snowe of course will believe every word that comes out President Obama mouth. Sen. Snowe voted for 787 billion dollar stimulus bill that has not created or save any jobs. I want to apologize to the White House for not reading and believing the fictitious job statistics on Recovery.Org a fraudulent website. Sen. Snowe should be held accountable for heinous actions for voting for a stimulus bill that will increase the Federal deficit for our children. This health care bill is becoming a financial windfall for states and federal government because they are passing money around like it is "Monopoly Money" when we owe China trillions of dollars. Moreover, I have not talked about the bribes given to the Unions, AARP, AMA, Pharmaceutical industry and abortion organizations that will profit from this ridiculous health care bill. The Democrats have been waiting 50 years to pass a government run health care bill and there is not enough political pressure that will stop them from passing the "Holy Grail" of socialism. WELCOME TO OBAMAMERICA.

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  1. You are telling the truth about health care. Sen. Snowe will vote for this government run health care bill.