Friday, November 6, 2009

Afghanistan "Losing Is Not A Option"

I read another disturbing article on the liberal socialist website Daily Kos "Why The U.S. Should Accept Defeat And Start Withdrawing From Afghanistan". The premise of the whole story always starts with the Vietnam War and how the conventional wisdom in the early 1970's that things were turning around, and victory was on the verge. Unfortunately, the Democrats in Congress bowed to Anti-War sentiment and forced the Ford Administration to end almost all support for South Vietnam, allowing the North Vietnamese to win the war in 1975. In The GOP version of the story, the decision was disastrous. The liberals who are against General McChrystal Plan for 40,000 additional troops are saying that the Bush Administration and Republicans mismanaged the war for the past eight years and we should surrender to the Taliban and Al-Qadea. The President Of The United States Barack Obama said that this was "A War Of Necessity" and we must defeat the Taliban and Al-Qadea. This mantra "We Must Win The War In Afghanistan" was repeated during the Presidential campaign by the majority of Democrats who supported President Obama. These Democrats in the House and Senate constantly railed against Bush Administration for the so-called unlawful and criminal War in Iraq and not finishing the job in Afghanistan. It has only been ten months into the Obama Administration and the liberals in Congress and across America can't wait to wave the "White Flag" in Afghanistan to embarrass the United States Military and Bush Administration. The liberals in America are delusional if they think withdrawing from Afghanistan will stop Al-Qadea and Taliban form attacking America cities again in the near future. This will embolden Al-Qadea for more spectacular attacks in America and, increase there recruitment for there worldwide "Jihad" against Democratic nations . "The liberals could careless about the indigenous Afghan population who might slaughtered by the Taliban and Al-Qadea for supporting the U.S. led military effort in Afghanistan. In Vietnam the were 2 million South Vietnamese slaughtered by North Vietnam and you never hear the liberals talk about the Innocent lives lost in the war because the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam. The liberals in America have some kind of sick sexual fantasy about losing wars. The Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid and countless members of Congress said, Iraq war was a failure in 2006 before the successful surge. President Obama should give Gen. McChrystal the 40,000 troops and give the military two years to change the conditions on the ground before we consider any type of withdrawl from Afghanistan. Finally, the liberals in America will have to understand that there are consequences to losing a war. Al-Qadea "Jihad' against America will never stop until they destroy America.

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  1. We must destory Al-Qadea all over the world. You are right losing is not a option.