Monday, October 19, 2009

White House "War On Terror " Against Fox News Channel

The White House is stepping up there attacks against the Fox News Channel. On the Sunday Talk Shows Rham Emmanuel and David Axelrod continued there assault on Fox News by calling it a media arm of the Republican Party. The Obama Administration does not consider Fox News a legitimate media out when it comes to unbiased news. David Axelrod said, Fox News is not a news organization. Therefore, David Axelrod is calling CNN, ABC, NBC CBS and MSNBC legitimate media organization because they openly support the Obama Administration socialist policies. The Obama Administration has declared a "War On Terror" against the Fox News Channel and there hosts Glen Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill O' Reilly. The White House has even developed a website to fact-check what is said by commentators and host on the Fox News Channel. There are liberal Media supporters from CNN to New York Times are telling the Obama Administration that they are wasting there time trying to isolate the Fox News Channel from there liberal competition. I really don't understand the Obama Administration because, they will open up negations with rouge regimes like North Korea, Cuba, and Iran but they will not talk to the Fox News Channel. This White House has crucified the Bush Administration for not talking to rouge regimes all around the world but they will not engage the Fox News Channel with interviews. This White House is so, use to the fawning and adoring left wing media that anyone who gives a fair and balanced commentary on the Obama Administration policies is considered a enemy of the state. President Obama and his loyal minions want "Pravda" style media that will report the Obama Administration talking points of the day. President Obama is reminding me of a third world dictator who wants to control every aspect of the country including the media. The Obama Administration is blaming all the domestic policy problems from the economy to health care on the Fox News Channel. Finally, could you imagine America without the Fox News Channel we would be living in modern day Russia or Cuba where Putin and Castro control the media outlets. The liberal socialist establishment believe they must destroy Fox News Channel to control America. Thank God for the Fox News Channel.

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  1. The White House should engage Fox News Channel even though they disagree with there social or politicial philosophy.