Sunday, October 18, 2009

Conservative Doug Hoffman NY 23 "A Breath Of Fresh Air"

Doug Hoffman Conservative in the New York 23 Congressional District Special Election is a breath of fresh in Upstate New York. In New York State there is the Republican Party which is basically the same as the Democratic Party but, with a different name. The Conservative Party in New York State represents the true Ronald Reagan Conservative values that made the Republican Party successful in general elections. The Conservatives in New York State are constantly at war against the Republicans or RHINO'S who share almost 80% of the same values as liberal Democrats who have destroyed New York State. This was exemplified by the Gov. George Pataki Administration who governed like a Democrat and New York State lost it's competitive advantage when it comes to jobs, taxes and education. The Hoffman campaign fight against the hand picked RNC candidate Dede Scozzafava who is a left-wing Republican who has ties to all the Democratic special interest groups including the labor unions who are responsible for the decline of New York State. The RNC is extremely angry at Hoffman because they fell the only way the Democrat Owens can win the special election if the Republican and Conservative split the vote. Hoffman is not getting any help from the Republican Establishment or any of the so-called Ronald Reagan Conservatives who plan on running for President in 2012. The RNC did not get the message from the "Tea Party's" it was not a vindication of the Republican Party but, a message to both parties that you are not respecting the values and principals the made America great. Finally, the Republican Party will continue to lose elections until they understand that Conservatives run the Republican not a bunch of milk toast Wannabe Democrats that are responsible for losing to two general elections. No more Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsay Graham.


  1. We must keep the Conservative movement alive.

  2. This will send a huge message if Hoffman wins this. The 23rd is a mostly rural conservative district and has voted GOP since the civil war. Stop running liberals and moderates and give the people what they want or we will take our votes elsewhere.

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