Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Washington Post "Pathetic Poll" and Public Option

The Pelosi/Reid Health Care Bill got a boost from a fraudulent poll by the Washington Post that says that 57% of Americans support the public option or government run Health Care. The Washington Post support the "Public Option" offered by the liberals in the Congress. The key part to any poll is how you asked the question. The question "Would you support or oppose having the government create a new health insurance plan to complete with private health care insurance plans? In this case the pollster uses a market friendly term "Compete" even though it is subject to debate weather or not that competition could be fair. Back in June the Washington Post did a another poll which actually had broader support for the government run plan 62%. But in that poll they asked the following question, "What if having the government create a new health insurance plan made many private health insurers go out of business because they could not compete? After asking that, support dropped to 37%. Overall, 45% of Americans favor the broad outlines of the proposals now moving in Congress while 48% are opposed, about the same division that is existed in august, at the height of the angry town hall meetings over health care reform. Seven in ten Democrats support the health care bill, nine and ten Republicans oppose the health care plan. Independents divided 52 percent against, 43 percent in favor of the legislation. Finally, as many people disapprove of Obama's handling of health care as approve 48% and 68 percent think health care will add to the deficit. The liberal media will use the Washington Post Poll to put pressure on the Blue Dog Democrats to support the public option. This poll was used to throw a monkey wrench into the secret negations between the White House and Congress.

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  1. Liberals will do anything to pass a government run health care bill.