Saturday, May 2, 2009


President Obama has more "Power and Control" than any other President since, President Franklin Roosevelt during the New Deal, Depression and World War Two. The President has only been in office for 103 days and he, has firm control of the White House and Both Houses of Congress. The President with a veto proof majority in both Houses and has the opportunity to push through his ambitious socialist agenda. President Obama is taking over large companies like AIG and General Motors and pumping billions of dollars into Banks which has given President Obama the power to overhaul these industries from the White House. The President has high approval ratings which gives him the political capital to undertake these big challenges in the next six months. President Obama power and control has grown over the last week when Sen. Arlen Specter changed parties and became a Democrat. If and when Al Fraken becomes the next Senator of Minnesota the President will have a filibuster proof Majority in the Senate. The President will have the opportunity to replace Justice Souter with another liberal justice who will be on the Supreme Court for the next 30 years. The Obama Administration is celebrating his high approval ratings and popularity amongst the American people but by the end of the summer the American people will want to see results from the 787 Billion Dollar Stimulus Bill approved by the President and Congress in February. Therefore, by the end of the summer there will have to be some leading indicators that show the economy is stabilizing and jobs are being created by the Obama Administration. Finally, President Obama has the Mojo working in his favor and the big question is will the Republican party be able to stop the Obama Machine in 2010.

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