Monday, May 4, 2009


The liberal socialist newspaper the Boston Globe faces a shut down if the Unions Guilds refuse to reach financial concessions with the Times Corporation. If no deal is reached this would force the company to file a notice of shutdown. This would allow the Times Corporation which is the owner of the Boston Globe to close the newspaper within 60 days, the Globe has reported. The Times Corporation is seeking 10 million from the newspaper guild, 5 million from the mailers, 2.5 million from the truckers and 2.2 million from the press operators the Globe said. The guild is the main union the represents 600 Editorial, Advertising, business and office workers, according to the Globe. The Times Corporation have provided the unions with a copy of the notice that we are prepared to file if we are unable to reach agreement by Midnight Sunday Night Deadline. The Globe spokesman Robert Powers told the newspaper, this notice is required under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification act, which requires 60 days advance notice notice be the closure of the business. The guild said that the ultimatum was still issued after the guild made a proposal that exceeds over 10 million dollars in concessions. This tactic, expected while expected, this representative of the bullying manner the Times Corporation has conduct itself during these intense negotiations. Despite these tactics we have been negotiating with the Times Corporation in good faith and will work until we get a acceptable outcome for both sides. The key disagreement is to eliminate job guarantees of 450 union employees, the Globe reported. The Times Corporation spokeswoman said the negotiations where still going on past the Sunday deadline. The negotiations follow a doom and gloom out for the Boston Globe. The 137 year old Newspaper is expected to lose 85 million dollars in 2009 if it does not make major cuts according to the Times Corporation. The Boston Globe says profits have gone south ever since readers and advertisers have shifted online.

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