Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It is official Sen. Arlen Specter Of Pennsylvania has switched parties and now is a Democrat. Arlen Spector has become a modern day traitor to the Republican Party. It was only one month ago Sen. Specter told the Hill Newspaper that he would not switch political parties under any circumstances. Sen. Spector decision was made when he looked at some of the recent polls showing him behind Republican Pat Toomey 51%-30% in a Republican Primary match up. Sen. Specter decision gives the Democratic Party a 60 vote veto proof majority in the Senate if Al Fraken wins the general election in Minnesota. Sen. Specteor started his career as a Democrat but switched to a Republican during the election campaign of President Ronald Reagan. Sen. Spector switched parties so, he could run in the Democratic Party primary which he, stands a good chance of winning. Sen. Spector is guaranteed of winning the general election campaign against Republican Pat Toomey because 200,000 Republicans switched parties and became Democrats. Sen. Specter says he finds his political philosophy today more in line with Democrats than Republicans. Sen. Specter said that he believed in checks and balances and that there should be a strong two party system to debate important issues of today. Sen. Specter did not believe his own words because he, has now given Democrats complete control of the White House and both Houses Of Congress. Sen. Spector is truly, "A Modern Day Traitor"

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  1. Specter needs to retire. He's too old to make sound decisions.