Wednesday, April 29, 2009


In a memo obtained by CBS in New York City the Federal Aviation Administration James Johnson said the agency was aware of the possible public concern regarding the DOD aircraft flying at low altitudes in and around New York City. But they demanded total secrecy from the New York City Police, Secret Service and FBI and Even the Mayor Office and threatened Federal sanctions if the secret got out to the public. The flyover was ordered by the White House Office Of Military Affairs so it would have a souvenir of Air Force One with the Statue Of Liberty in the background had the President extremely angry. The President apologized and ordered a investigation. The New york City Police Chief Ray Kelly said that he would never follow such a directive again and accused the Federal Government of inciting fears of a 9/11 replay. Finally, the cost of the flight cost taxpayers a estimated $328,000 to flyover New York City for some dumb ass pictures. The President ordered a internal review of Monday flyover of New York City. I know someone will be getting fired very soon.

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