Saturday, April 25, 2009


The Obama Administration has decided to go to war against the Bush Administration over enhanced interrogations. The Obama Administration has decided to turn over photos from Afghanistan and Iraq to the ACLU showing prisoner abuse. The photos are part of a 2003 Freedom Of Information Act by the ACLU relating to prisoner abuse which lead to the release of the Bush Department Legal Counsel Memos by the Obama Administration. The Obama Administration is trying to build a case against Bush Officials in the media so, they can tried for violating the laws set down by the Geneva Convention. The release of these photos will help create a the drumbeat for a "Truth Commission" that will paralyze the CIA and Military during this war on terror. The President is hiding behind his so-called promise of transparency to the American people. The President will make this country less safe with the release of the photos and will put our military and America citizens in harm's way. This President will go to the end's of the earth to destroy the Bush Administration to satisfy the blood lust in the left-wing of the Democratic Party. The left-wing of the Democratic Party is hell bent on destroying America intelligence community and military in the eyes of the American people. The left-wing hatred for both organizations has driven the fight for these investigations . Finally, President Obama has opened a can of worms that will tear this country apart. The President promised to become a uniter but he, is slowly becoming a divider because he, cannot control the left-wing off his party.

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  1. The left's assault on free speech is just beginning. "Hate speech", talk radio, censoring the internet... The left does not believe in liberty. We need to speak out every day while we can!