Friday, April 24, 2009


The Democrats on the House and Senate Committee Knew about the enhanced interrogations by the CIA and Bush Administration. The Democrats approved of these techniques after being briefed by the CIA over 30 times. The leaders of the House And Senate Committees including Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised no objection to the use of these techniques while being briefed by the CIA. The CIA was given the OK by the both House and Senate Committees to continue with enhanced interrogation program because they continued to fund the program. If Speaker Pelosi had any problems with CIA interrogation technique's she, could have led the charge in Congress into cutting the funds off for this specific "Black Program". The enhanced interrogation policy that Bush Administration implemented worked and saved American lives and members of the Obama Administration know that these techniques work. Admiral Dennis Blair wrote a memo saying that these enhanched interrogation techniques helped get critical information about the Al-Qaeda organizational structure and future terrorism plots in America. This memo by Admiral Blair should be enough to quell the firestorm about the CIA interrogation techniques but there are more sinister motives involved in this process. The left-wing of the Democratic Party are demanding President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder prosecute the Bush Administration Officials for torture because of the own liberal political and social views of the world. The 'Lynch Mob Crew" is headed by George Soros, Daily Kos, Huffington Post, MSNBC and Moveon.Org who delivered thousands of petitions to the Attorney General Office asking him to prosecute Bush Officials. This type of behavior only happens in "Third World" countries where the incoming Dictator prosecutes there enemies and than executes them the next day. The President has invited a "Witch Hunt" by Democrats in Congress and left-wing organizations all over the country. We have Sen. Patrick Leahy and Rep. John Conyers talking about hearings and a "Truth Commission". The President was elected on the message of change and a new way of government but it seems like he, has been boxed into a corner by the left-wing of the Democratic Party. The biggest problem I have is when Nancy Pelosi starts telling the liberal media that she, knew nothing about weatherboarding techniques used by the CIA . Speaker Pelosi and Democracts are pulling a "Scooby Doo" on America. This is why Americans hate politicians because they are constantly lying about the basic facts when it comes to enhanced interrogations. Therefore, if the Democrats want a 9/11 Truth Commission the first person I would put under oath is Speaker Pelosi and the first question I would ask is what did you know and when did you know it. This so-called investigation is a disgrace to our nation. The Bush Administration Officials maybe, tried for protecting our great country for eight years. The Bush Administration used every technique possible to gain critical information so, that the Homeland would be safe. Finally. instead of the Obama Administration praising the Bush Administration for protecting America they are basically calling members of the Bush Administration war criminals. If you look back on history the Obama Administration would have charged President Washington, President Lincoln, and President Roosevelt for war crimes because they violated the rights of there fellow human beings. President Obama will tear this country apart with a witch hunt investgation by the Democratic Party. This so-called investagation would make our country less safe .

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