Tuesday, December 2, 2008


There has been no President-Elect in our lifetime that has more control over the media than President-Elect Obama. The Obama Administration will have the media on there side on every issue he, takes because they have so, much invested in his Presidency. The Liberal Media has to help President-Elect Obama succeeded because, they helped put him in office by destroying Sen. Clinton and Sen. McCain. The Obama Administration will have the same type of influence over the media as Putin has over the Russian Media and that is truly, scary. Therefore, if there was no Conservative Talk Radio President-Elect Obama could actually rule this country as a Dictator. This is why it is so, important to protect Conservative Talk Radio because, you know if the new Liberal Congress under Speaker Pelosi has there way they will impose the "Fairness Doctrine" and destroy any Conservative viewpoint. The eyes of the Liberal media through the next "Four Years" will be that the Obama Administration is a perfect Administration and they can do nothing wrong compared to the Bush Administration. The Conservative in Congress will be attacked and Conservative Talk Radio will be attacked by the Liberal Media even though they have a large advantage in both Houses Of Congress. There are Cable News Stations that have invested there reputations and so, called good names in the Obama Administration. I just want to name few and let's start with MSNBC, NBC NEWS, CBS NEWS, CNN and PBS and the list goes on if you count Newspapers and Magazines. Finally, if the Republicans in the Congress and around the country think that they are going to get a fair shake from the Liberal Media because, they are in the Minority in Congress they have another thing coming starting January 20. The gunfire from the Liberal Media will be even more intense because, they will have to protect there "Prophet" and they will destroy anyone who get in the way of a successful Obama Administration. Hey! just like the old Soviet Union when it comes to the Mainstream Media.

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  1. I can see a point in your post, but to compare media control with obama and putin is extreme. Very Extreme!! That fact that if you have a go at putin in Russia you end up dead is a majopr diiference. I havnt heard Bill O'Rielly being found shot in the head cos he supports the Republicans!!!!