Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This Thanksgiving most Americans should be thankful that we have the most important thing in our lives and that is our families. This Thanksgiving I know that their are a number of Americans that are struggling to make ends meet because, of the bad economy and the large number of jobs lost over the past six months. During this bad economy we as Americans need to lean on each other and try to get through these troubling times by donating to our local charities. This Christmas season is a time of giving so, I hope that if you have a few Dollars leftover or some "Canned Goods" please give some money to the Food Bank, Catholic Charities, Salvation Army or your local Church that provide food for the less fortunate. The reason why I am asking the American people to be more generous because, I saw a long line of people outside a local church in my community getting food for the Thanksgiving Holiday. This shows me that the economy is starting to hurt people when it comes to buying food. The food prices are so high that families are running out of food and they are going to there local charities for help. The Local Food Bank in my area said on the news that they only have enough food to get them through the Holiday Season. This is the first time they have made a serious plea for donations 8 years so, they can help feed these struggling families. Finally, I know that you think I am a Left-Wing Liberal but, I am a Conservative and we believe that the best way to help the average American though these tough times is to donate to your local charities. Therefore, every working American should try and help out there struggling neighbor because, you never know that you might be in the same situation one day without a job or any food.

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