Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The violence at border between Mexico and the United States is out of control. The cities of El Paso and Tijuana are just a few cities that are under siege by these terrorist drug dealers who have no respect for any type of natural human law. These drug terrorist have basically taken over large sections of the Mexican side of the border and have turned "Small Mexican Towns" into a war zone. These drug terrorist will kill anybody including the Mexican Chief of Police or any Judges who try and enforce Mexican Drug Laws or International Laws signed with the United States. The drug terrorist has used the border to send there drugs across the border into our American cities. This is why it is so, important to close the border because, this is getting out of hand and it is costing us American lives through crime and drug addiction. There is no reason why illegal Aliens should be able to run across our border after 9/11 because, this could be a launching point for terrorist to get into America Illegally. This is why we must stop Sen. Harry Reid plan for "Comprehensive Immigration Bill" because, it would increase the number of forgein workers who would be allowed to get jobs in the United States. Therefore, there are nine million unemployed Americans and these people would have no chance of finding employment if Sen. Reid's bill is passed and signed by President Obama. This means that we will truly, have a "Welfare State" because, the only way people could survive is through government handouts and charity. Finally, why in the hell do who have Homeland Security and you can't even close off your own border. This Federal Government Department is a waste of money because, it is not protecting the average American at the border from these ruthless drug dealers and illegal aliens. There should be no "Amnesty Bill" in the United States for the next 50 years. I urge all Americans to call there leaders in Congress and urge them to vote against any Amnesty Bill.

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