Thursday, December 4, 2008


This week "Bailout Madness" is back in full strength with the Big Three back Washington for another Government Handout. "The Big Three" are saying that they need the money to restructure and downsize there corporations for the next 25 years. The are actually coming to Washington and telling Congress if you give me this money we will layoff thousands of "Middle Class Workers" with taxpayers Dollars. This proposition is ridiculous and I don't think the average American should be paying a company to layoff workers when they can do the same thing by going through banruptcy. I would like to know as a "Average American" how are all these Bailouts affecting my life when I see Americans workers getting "Pink Slips" everyday. This Government bailout is a re-payment to all the campaign contributions that these corrupt companies have given over the last 25 years. The Government constantly, tells the American people if you don't bailout these companies that there will be a great depression and that gives the Government a excuse to give out these Bailouts to failing corporations with more government money. I don't believe President Bush President-Elect Obama or Congress because, these are the same people who supposed to have oversight over these "Corrupt ASS BUSINESSES". I am still waiting for the Average American to get some bebt relief from the Federal Government. The average American has suffered through job losses an financial losses because, of the actions of these corrupt companies. Therefore, is there any Bill before Congress that will help the Average American get out of financial debt because, of these hard times. There is no Bill because you did not give a large enough political contribution to the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. There are people in America that are hurting during This Holiday season and the Government money could have been better spent giving 10,000 to every working American. This money could have been recirculated back into the american economy and helped major and small reatilers get past these tuff times. Finally, you will never see this happen because there are to many political contributors who love to see the average american on the hook for credit card debt and other debt that make banks and credit card compannies a lot of money because of there high interest rates. If the average american waitng for a bailout you will be waiting until the next century. Hey! they might send you a $600 check.

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