Wednesday, November 5, 2008


President-Elect Obama should thank all the people who helped him become, the First African-American President Of The United States. President-Elect Obama has to thank Oprah Winfrey because whatever, Oprah touches seems to turn to gold. Oprah for the first time in her long entertainment career put her, neck out on a line for President-Elect Obama when it was not popular for Liberals and Democrats in America to go against the Clinton Machine. Oprah gave President-Elect Obama creditability with the American people because, they trust Oprah judgement when it comes to the major issues that face America. Oprah gave President-Elect Obama the early push he, needed to dethrone the Clinton Machine and defeat Sen. McCain in the General Election. President-Elect Obama should tank the Liberal Media for backing him in the Democratic Party primary campaign because, without Cable News Stations like MSNBC and CNN President-Elect Obama would not have won the Democratic Party Nomination. The Liberal Media protected President-Elect Obama through this whole campaign and covered-up all the issues that could have derailed his campaign to become President Of The United States. President-Elect Obama should thank the Daily-Kos and Huffington Post for being his strongest supporters and his biggest fundraisers for his historic presidential campaign. Finally, President-Elect Obama Should thank his campaign Manger David Axelrod for running one of the best campaign in American History. I disagree with President-Elect Obama and his socialist policies but, I have to give President-Elect Obama credit for running a historical campaign. Congratulations from a African-American Conservative for becoming the 44th President Of The United States.

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