Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The Liberal Socialist Media have been waiting a whole month to watch one of the most anticipated debate between Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden. The Liberal Media has declared war on Gov. Palin and they have been trying to discredit her and the McCain Campaign for the last month. The Liberal Socialist Media has attacked her family, intelligence and her qualifications to be Vice President Of The United States. The Liberal Media received there talking points from the Obama Campaign and they followed everything the Obama campaign has said about Gov. Palin since, being nominated for Vice President. The debate Thursday Night is not about the issues it is about if Gov. Palin will make a mistake so, the Liberal Socialist Media can unleash there attack dogs at the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, NBC NEWS and CBS NEWS. Gov. Palin has to show up to this debate and be herself and not the Mechanical Politician the The McCain Campaign has made her out to be for the last two weeks. Gov. Palin should be the person who ran for Mayor in Wassilia, Alaska and relate to the average American. Gov. Palin should talk about the kitchen table issues that affect Americans everyday and give specific example on how we can solve this "Economic Crisis" in America. Gov. Palin will be attacked by Sen. Biden for her lack of Forgein Policy experience but, she must say the with all the the forgein Policy experience Sen. Biden has why was he wrong on Detente and The Fall Of The Soviet Union. Sen. Biden also, wanted to split Iraq into three separate Provinces and he, was wrong about that because, the Iraq people did not want there country split three different Provinces. Sen. Biden will also, attack her on the economy and link the McCain campaign to the Bush Administration and there policies, because of the bad economy. Gov. Palin should say that they are Mavericks and that they are going to Washington to change the culture that created the "Wall Street Crisis". Finally, this debate is about Gov. Palin and if she, is successful Thursday night she will revive the McCain Campaign and give him a outside chance of the Winning the General Election.

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