Monday, September 29, 2008


The United States Congress should not bailout these "Wall Street Thugs". They are basically, blackmailing the American people into giving them 700 Million Dollars. The United States Congress should hold all these clowns on Wall Street accountable for there corrupt actions which has destroyed the American Economy. Theses "Wall Street Tycoons" are now tanking the stock market on purpose so, we will give them the money. I want every executive held responsible by the Attorney General and I want these "Wall Street Thugs" put on a deck of cards just like those thugs in Iraq. Therefore, how dare President Bush, Treasury Secretary Paulson, Reserve Chairman Bernanke, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid come to the American people with this "Lame Ass Plan" and think the Average American will support this Bullshit. They are telling me that there will be a world wide depression if I don't support this bill. I want Wall Street to bailout there own banks, because then will not gamble with these sorry "Ass Ninja Loans" that they we giving to people to buy brand new homes. I want to thank all the Congressmen and women for not voting for this bill which was filled with pork. I am sorry for using bad language, but I am a angry American and I want some answers to a difficult question how did this start and where was the Congressional Oversight.

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  1. sitting far away in India, we feel the tremors, and despite the fact that we here have been pushing for greater reform, it is paradoxical that minority opposition for left parties have prevented wall street firms to hold majority in Banks and investment banking companies. This may have just saved us as developing countries have no chance of coming up with bail out funds even if it is just a book entry and paper money that we dont actually have.
    What must be emphasized is that even this value may just be peanuts if the bail-out is just going to cover "errors". These jokers have been playing with Trillions. The derivative market is estimated to be 650 trillion while the worlds GDP is about 65 trillion. So even though the derivatives value is in itself a "fictional as no such value of goods or services are ever possible these geniuses look to earn on value traded JUST half of half percent in a good decade and that could exceed a trillion. BUT the main game has been to create a FLOW of "peoples money" and use that as a decimal margin to play with trillions. They only keep the upside while the loss is to the worlds account.
    There must be a better way to get this money to people and even if it is done slower than a panic bail out, there is bound to be better results.
    Giving to the same people who got the World into the mess is walking into the Hyena,s den.