Sunday, October 5, 2008


This Tuesday Night is Sen. McCain Last Stand because, this will be the final time he, will have a chance of changing voters mind on who will be the next President Of The United States. Sen. McCain was on his way to winning a close election until September 16 when the first bomb dropped in the "Economic Crisis". When AIG and Fannie Mae were bailout by the Federal Government that is when Sen. McCain poll numbers start dropping as fast as the Dow Jones Average. The McCain Campaign thought that they could survive these two huge bailouts but, then the "Wall Street Crisis" fell right into Sen. McCain lap and destroyed his, bid to become President Of The United States. This is the "October Surprise" that everybody was waiting for to change a close election. Sen. McCain has to somehow convince the American people that he, can fix the economy and create jobs in America. This is the toughest job any politician has had since the 1980 general election campaign between Carter-Reagan. Sen. McCain has to do something that is out of the box and tell the American people the truth about the state of the American economy. I would suggest that Sen. McCain tell the American people the we are flat broke. Sen. McCain should tell the American people the we are 50 Trillion Dollars in debt when you add up Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and other debts that we have accrued on our books that are not being accounted for in the budget. The United States Government has four sets of books and if they were a Wall Street corporation they would be under investigation by the Attorney General and the FBI for cooking the books. Sen. McCain should tell he American people that we will start paying off all our debts to China, South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia as soon as he is inaugurated President Of The United States. Sen. McCain should tell the American people that he is going to cut Government spending in half to 1.5 Trillion dollars and he, will use he extra money to pay of our national debt. This would strengthen the American Dollar and put us on the right track to being a country with a balanced budget. Sen. McCain should give the American people some "Straight Talk" and tell them that this will take us about Twenty Years to pay off our debt but, it will secure our nation credit for future generations. Sen. McCain should tell the American people that he, will not raise taxes until the United States Government learns how to be frugal with the dollars sent to them by the American people. Finally, the McCain campaign has about a 15% chance of winning this election so, why don't Sen. McCain try something new that will stimulate the electorate and change some voters minds. Sen. McCain don't be scarred to try something out of the box because, remember you are the true Maverick in this race.

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