Saturday, October 18, 2008


I watched the Liberal Socialist Media assault "Joe The Plumber" for asking Sen. Obama a simple question about his Socialist Tax Policy. Sen. Obama made a truthful statement when he, told Joe The Plumber that he wanted to "Spread The Wealth" to all Americans. This simple question that Joe The Plumber asked got him into some serious trouble with the Obama Liberal Socialist Media. Sen. Obama unleashed his "Stormtroopers" in the Media and in his Campaign. This should give all Americans a insight on how Sen. Obama will deal with anyone who questions his Liberal Socialist Policies. If Sen. Obama is elected President he, will have the power of the Whole United States Government behind him to enforce his Brutal tactics on the American people. Sen. Obama will have a lot of power because we, still have the Patriot Act and the power of the new Fisa Bill in effect. Sen. Obama will be able to investigate all his enemies and do it legally under these new provisions. Sen. Obama and his "Stormtroopers" have wide Range of powers to investigate especially, with a veto proof Congress to investigate his enemies like the "Old Soviet Union". Therefore, Conservatives in America better get ready for a Hugo Chavez takeover of the United States Government. The Liberals in Congress will try and Pass "The Fairness Doctrine" and destroy Conservative talk radio because, Sen. Obama aim is to destroy dissent in America. The Obama campaign is trying to put fear into anyone who Questions the "Messiah" because, you will either be called a 'Racist" or there will be a full investigation of your personal life by his "Legion Of "Stormtroopers". Finally, the tactics used by the Obama Campaign were used by Stalin and Hitler to control there populations dissent. The Liberals called President Bush Hitler but "The One" that maybe elected the next President Of The United States might be next "Dictator".


  1. You bring up many great points here but I think there is another one that most people are missing. What brought the "Joe the Plumber" story to the main page is not Joe asking the question, but the slip that Obama made with his answer.
    If Obama would have stuck to his rehearsed talking points, or just stuttered with a vague but eloquent answers to direct questions like in the past, this would never have made the news. But Obamba's owning up to wanting to redistribute wealth, and saying it out loud, revealed a key component of the liberal agenda he and the left wing supports. Now he and his handlers have to refocus the attention this goof has created by discrediting the question by attacking the questioner.