Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Sen. Obama will be the first Socialist President Of The United States. Sen. Obama background is littered with people who believe that the Capitalist system has failed the middle class and the poor. Sen. Obama best friends and mentors are Socialist and let me give you a few names that you are starting to hear in the mainstream media. First, lets start of with William Ayers who is the American terrorist who belonged to a group named the Weatherman which bombed the Pentagon and killed seven people in other separate bombings incidents. Ayers gave a coming out party at his home in Chicago for Sen. Obama in his first campaign for State Senator in Illinois. Sen. Obama worked with Ayers on a project called the Anneberg foundation which was given a government grant to help revitalize inner-city schools. Sen. Obama worked with William Ayers on the Woods foundation giving out grants to socialist Left Wing organizations like Acorn. Sen. Obama most famous mentor and the man who brought him to Christianity Rev. Wright is on of the biggest Socialist in America. Sen. Obama was so, enlightened by Rev. Wright that he, named his book after one of Rev. Wright Speeches "The Audacity Of Hope". Sen. Obama even won a Grammy award for the audio version of his book and made millions of dollars spewing his Socialist propaganda. We have all heard what Rev. Wright thinks about America and Capitalism on videotape but, it was the hate speech that he was spewing from the pulpit the made me realize that if Sen. Obama sat in those pews for Twenty Years and listen to those sermons he, must agree with Rev. Wright Socialist Agenda. Sen. Obama was a loyal member in this church for Twenty Years and he said he, never heard Rev. Wright give these type of sermons. Sen. Obama must think we are all fools so, he keeps giving us these "Crazy Ass" answers and the Liberal Media who supports Sen. Obama takes it as fact and does not follow up on these lies. Sen. Obama history with Rev. Micheal Pfleger goes back Twenty years and as State Senator he, earmarked millions of dollars to his socilist organizations in Chicago and helped spread his Socialist propaganda. Sen. Obama became, a Socialist by reading a book by a man named Saul Alinsky call the "Rules Of Radicals". In this book this book the are a clear set of rules for community Organizing. Alinsky rules are used as a key tactics in training Socialist Community Organizers in America. Sen. Obama taught Alinsky's methods to new Community organizers in Chicago. Sen. Obama has proven with his associations with these far Left-Wing Socialist that he, is unfit to be President Of The United States. Sen. Obama association with Acorn which is a organization that is trying to steal the election in Thirteen States by voter registration fraud. Sen. obama was a attorney for Acorn in the Mid-1990's and taught classes for the Organization which has endorsed him for President Of The United States. The association that Scares me the most is with Minister Louis Farrakhan who has called Sen. Obama the "Messiah" and told his followers to go out and Support Sen. Obama bid to become President. Finally, this is only fraction of the evidence that is out there about Sen. Obama associations. The title of this article "Obama Is A Fascist" is the only way he, will be able to keep power in the United States. Sen. Obama favorite heroes are Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez so, don't be surprised when you see these tactics used on the American people.

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